Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Road Trip: Corning Museum of Glass

Road Trip! I've just printed mapquest directions from my house to the Corning Museum of Glass (CMOG). I love the Glass Flowers that are usually housed at Harvard University but the flowers are on the road and at CMOG this summer. Whoo Hoo! Ok, yeah, I've got to get a life but as a flamework glass artist - those flowers are a masterpiece!

I was downloading info for the museum when I clicked on the link for Flamework Live!. CMOG has re-created the torch of the Czech glass artists who made the flowers in the 1800's. Cool. Take a look at that - how'd you like to have that mounted on your bench at home? The museum acquired an 1800's era flameworking table from the Czech Republic. The oxygen comes from that bellows underneath the bench. Can't wait to see that in person!

Lots of glass to see today - I'll post about it when I get back. Can't wait to see the Harvard Glass Flowers!

(All photos from the CMOG website)


Blue said...

The Harvard Museum of Natural History has loaned 17 of the 4,200 glass models of plants created by Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka to the Corning Museum of Glass, which has created a wonderful, must-see exhibition..BUT 3,000 "Glass Flowers" remain on permanent, climate-controlled display at the museum on the Harvard campus in Cambridge, MA. They're far to fragile to move. So revisit in Cambridge at the University's most visited museum at 26 Oxford Street, Cambridgem just a 6 minute walk from the Harvard Square Red Line T stop. www.hmnh.harvard.edu

LampworkDiva said...

Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Blue! Yes, there weren't many of the flowers at Corning but still is worth the trip to see the few they DO have on exhibit.