Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'd like to say thank you to 14- 16 people....

G'morning to the 14 - 16 people who read my blog! :-)

Yep, that's what statcounter tells me. I have 14-16 returning visitors a day.

Oh sometimes it's more. Someone Stumbled me once and I got 1000 people to my blog. Wow! but I quickly lost my attraction to The Thousand. I'm back to my 14-16 a day.

Ooopppsss....Maybe I'm supposed to keep it a secret so I can pretend I'm popular?

Ahhh, I don't care - I think of it this way, it's 14-16 people more people than I had when I started blogging!

Thanks, for reading, Fourteen to Sixteen (it's now become your name), borrowing from John Green again, you're made of awesome!


angelinabeadalina said...

*Waving good morning* Cindy, you're way fun to read, and you always provide cool eye candy for us glass/jewelry peeps to enjoy! I'm a lucky member of the 14-16 :)

P.S. The Punk'Inz prize was awesome! Thanks again!

cb said...

You make some amazing things

LLYYNN said...

Count me in ... no roll call necessary, we all know who we are that love your blog! And I love the CHERRY BOMB RED LINKS on the ABS sidebar. Whoosh - Boom - Whee! Lovely!

rosebud101 said...

I'm a reader, too! I love your blog! Keep it coming! We now have 4 of the 14-16 accounted for. I'm sure more readers will check in as the day goes on!

Deb said...

Hey Cindy - popping my hand up here.

Of course then I can blame you for all the tiki touring I end up doing around the web as I visit this link or that link which you post ;o)

Seriously though - I thoroughly enjoy your blogs & posts....if only I could keep track of them all! Thoroughly Inspirational!

Shaiha said...

I am sure that you have alot more people then 14-16. There are probably several like myself who read your blog thru a reader like Google.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hey thanks guys! I appreciate each and every one of you :-)

Keep reading and commenting!


Debsdezines said...

G' Morning Cindy
Thank You, I love reading your blogs and looking at your work! And I admire you for the work you do it's a wonderful thing you do and I think helping other people is so gratifiying, so keep up the good work and keep on blogging!!

maryharding said...

Cindy, I am so glad that you write your blog. I stop by off and on and read all the posts. I am always glad that I did. So please keep blogging. You reach more people than you know. And you put me on to John Green.