Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Rings n Things Remembrance or Surreal

For the month of March, Rings n Things sent a sample of jewelry making materials focused on "Remembrance Jewelry." This group of goodies might inspire you to make a piece of jewelry that pays tribute to someone or highlights a childhood scrap that's special to you. But all week, I've been talking about surrealism and Tim Burton. So my mind is swirling with ideas that aren't necessarily about remembering but about taking the the grotesque and making it beautiful or juxtaposing startling pieces together. Hmmmm let's see what I've got here...

...a glass bottle with a cork, a "watch" case with glass crystal, a square antiqued copper box....

...a blue diamond shaped vessel, a purple diamond shaped vessel, a small glass bottle and brass bezels.

So as my mind percolates some ideas, I'm wondering what is your mind coming up with?


mairedodd said...

i have alice and tim on the brain too - just did em's hair last night for the show!

Dave Robertson said...

I love hearing what other people think of when they look at our stuff. 'Watch case' is brilliant, love the concept and where it can be taken. Thank you Cindy!

:) Dave
at Rings & Things

concretenprimroses said...

I've had so much fun looking around at your blog. David Lynch, what a guy! and I love your ideas. I subscribed in google feed, but not sure how that works, guess I'll find out.
Also faved a couple of your older blogs that you don't seem to post in for the info and to pass on to friends.