Monday, June 07, 2010

Mad for Monday....Purple and Green

Inspired by the green in my yard and garden, this week's Mad for Monday is really about color...well, ok, I still have some crochet thrown in here, but how could I resist?

Crochet Flower Lariat by Bohemian Hooks.

Kona Bay Fujiana Purple fabric available at Fabrics & Designs by Barb on Artfire

This lovely photo comes from Nuxie Made and is of a little girl in a crocheted cap Nuxie's work is available at her shop on

What colors in your yard and/or garden is inspiring you today?


EmandaJ said...

Amber and agate! The colors of staw and dirt.

My thumbs are brown to my shoulders and my lawn is the eyesore of the neighborhood. Love your inspirations.


Anonymous said...

that`s a great color-combination, i like it !!!!
hug from switzerland ;)