Friday, July 07, 2006

Cleaning, listening and enamels continued.....

July 7, 2006....I cleaned my studio the other day from the "winter clutter." During the coldest part of the year, I can't really work in my unheated studio. During that time, any supplies and equipment I order usually gets stored in the studio but not organized and put away properly. I save that until it warms up. Yeah, I know it's been warm for a few months now but I didn't clean and organize until the other day. Never really tops on my list of things to do, I'd rather be melting glass!

I've had a few situations happen recently where I've noticed that some people can talk and simply not be heard. You know that someone is me (grin), I offered to send half a rod of the Doublehelix Krono to anyone who would send their address. Now, mind you, it is THE glass to have right now and is very pricey. I thought I might be overwhelmed with addresses but only 1 person sent me a pm. Fascinating! Makes me wonder what is it that makes people listen or pay attention. People are a real puzzle aren't they? (smile)

On to today's beads - this is the last of my most recent foray into enamels. A base of enamel (any color) will make the color laid on top of it web. A new "discovery" for me - it is well known that the intense black will web on anice white but this is different. The brown enamel base caused the dark topaz to web. With the blue tab bead, you can see "webbing" all around and under the blue. The webbing here causes the dots to be surrounded and look like paisleys. This application of "webbing" is new to me. I'd like to be able to control it better for certain effects that I have in mind. Stay tuned - you'll see more of this!


The Jeweled Reporter said...

I really like the amber raku. I tend to be drawn to warmer toned beads, and this one is right up my alley.

LampworkDiva said...

Thanks! I've finally gotten around to putting up some of bead-art in an etsy shop. Hope others like it too!