Monday, August 28, 2006

Planning Fall schedule and torching.....

August 28th, 2006.....Here in the Northeast US, summer is drawing to a close. We'll still have some warm days in September and October but the summer comes to an end when the kids go back to school during the first week of September. If you have followed my posts or read my profile, you know I'm a part time sign language interpreter and interpreting work always picks up the last week of August. So, more time interpreting and less time at the torch!

BUT - I've added more shows and will do so steadily over the next year. Take a look the CindyGimbroneBeads website for the schedule - I'll have my beads in the "Once Upon a Bead" show in Hunter, New York during the fall and I'm pursuing other gallery opportunities. I'll also have a tutorial on the Lucky Knots and Lampwork in the debut issue of the Annealer magazine. So, you'll be seeing MORE of my work rather than less!

The summer has gone well, though. I've made good progress in organization and marketing. A biggy for me - marketing myself. So far, my schedule has worked out so I can have 3 un-interrupted days a week to work in the studio. My next project is to insulate the studio for the winter. I want to be able to work year round and in an unheated, uninsulated studio, I can't work January-February. I do sometimes go out there in the winter - but with about 4 layers of clothing! Smile!

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