Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Icons of Jewelry: Frida Kahlo

After the walk around the Albright-Knox, I went inside to find an exhibit on Frida Kahlo. It was a photography exhibit with vivid color pictures. As I looked at each of the portraits taken of Frida Kahlo, I was mesmerized by her jewelry. I wanted to take pictures but knew I wasn't allowed. But my spirits were lifted when I found a copy of I Will Never Forget You in the gift shop.

Frida Kahlo dress in Tehuana traditional dress. The colorful dresses are a blog post on their own! Lovely, vibrant and part of the tradtion

(Above picture courtesy of tehuanas.com.)

The saturated colors of the photography seem to highlight the jewelry. Since I've made numerous glass hands and have an entire collection of hands (what can you expect? I'm a sign language interpreter!) I was particularly drawn to Frida's earrings in the photo below.

(Frida Kahlo Photo Credit)
I'm sure more than one person found wearing hands as earrings a bit shocking. I think they're awesome! Or check out the big chunky necklace she has on in the picture below.

(Frida Kahlo Photo Credit)
Frida Kahlo was a icon of jewelry - big, loud, shocking jewelry. Just like her art.
What do you think?


Alison @ Cluck and Tweet said...

I have always admired Frida Kahlo. That girl had style. I would look like I had dressed up for Halloween if I wore anything similar. (Note to self: Frida Kahlo would be a great Halloween costume! Husband could be Diego!)

JustATish said...

This is great. I love your blogs. they force me to learn more. You always spark an itch of interest i just have to scratch!

and how awesome to find out more about you, sign language interpreter! I did it myself for 18 years. I loved that work!

rosebud101 said...

I love loud, shocking jewelry! I love loud, shocking art!

maryharding said...

I absolutely love Frida Kahlo's jewelry. Thank you for posting about this photo exhibit.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks, All!

I think as beadmakers, jewelry makers and/or crafters, we all are drawn to art and artists. Frida's clothing wasn't her idea - it was Diego's and she wore the clothes to please him. Interesting, huh? I learned that through the photography exhibit that this post is based on. If you love the jewelry and the photos, the accompanying book to the exhibit is for you!

Glad you all enjoyed this post!