Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jewelry Icons: Silent Star Lilly Damita

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Silent Film stars were so glamorous - lots of money was spent on making them look good. It worked! The black and white head shots have an enduring romantic quality that draws you in. Pearls are used to great effect in her headpiece, earrings and necklace. The flower/circle of pearls pendant gives interest but doesn't detract from the other pieces. The earrings are large drops that accentuate the rest of the pieces perfectly. The entire look is a symphony! It's just gorgeous!

But wait, I haven't told you who the Jewelry Icon is today - Lily Damita. Lily Damita was a French actress who is probably best remembered for marrying an unknown Errol Flynn.

(Photo Credit of Damita and Flynn above)
I've strung a few pearl necklaces in my day. Hand knotting the silk between each pearl is a pain but it makes the necklace fluid and strong. If it were to break, all the pearls wouldn't come tumbling off.

Do you like Lily's pearls more than Frida's chunky necklaces? Maybe you love both or your style is something different. I wish the headpiece she is wearing was more popular - I'd surely make and wear one!


The Beading Gem said...

Great post! I adore reading about jewelry from the past. I also write jewelry biographies on my blog occasionally - there is one coming up in a few days. Pearl

SummersStudio said...

aaah, but that we could all pull off this look! i'd have one of those head pieces too. but i'm more of a kahlo myself.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks, Beading Gem - I'll look for your biography.

SummerStudio - I might not be able to pull one off but if they were in style, I'd still be wearing one! LOL!

Happy beading!

Shaiha said...

I definately prefer the pearls. I found the other jewelry to be too over the top.