Monday, July 26, 2010

Mad for Monday

Vacation is coming and I'm dreaming of the beach. I'm sure to take along my iPad but what to carry it in? I've got a few ideas for today's Mad for Monday....

I might need to put a credit card, a few dollars, a pen and a few other things into the case. So this Ultimate traveler iPad Case from feltu on Etsy would do the trick.

But maybe I want my playful side to show through. If I do, I could pick up this Owl iPad Sleeve from BoutiqueID on Etsy

What if I want something "girly-er?" I might have to get out my sewing machine and get busy making this floral iPad case by Heidi

I love Book Book but they're not available for the iPad yet. So I've found a tutorial to DIY one. It's a how to make a hollow book and I think it will come close to looking like the Book Book. Now where can I find a book large enough?

I better get to work - which one do you think would make the best vacation-mate?


WireMySoul said...

I noticed a large selection of old college textbooks and kids' picturebooks at the Goodwill store when I was there last. Consider looking in your local thrift shop for a suitable book. What a great idea for your ipad! I have to admit though, that owl would be super awesome.

Amy Jo said...

I think that Heidi's ipad cover is awesome. I love that it uses a binder for protection. It is so beautiful!!!! I love those flowers on the front. But I might pick something different for vacation...maybe the owl. :)