Saturday, May 17, 2008

Super hero beads?

Here she is, Wonder Woman. The updated modern vixen version. Wonder Woman was one of my mother's favorites and it was she who showed me the Wonder Woman comics when I was a kid. I voraciously read her comic books and most other comic books I could get my hands on. I read old ones from the 1930's and the "current" ones from the early 1970's. No one was better than Wonder Woman in my eyes.

Look at Wonder Woman, she's got jewelry and make up on while she's saving humanity. As a kid, I didn't think too much of the jewelry but today I see it as inspiration. So many empowered women are wearing tiaras and fluffy boas and saying it's girl power. I love a tiara but the whole petite woman in pink running around asserting herself while poking people with her wand doesn't fit me. I'm no fairy princess in spike heels. I'm more of the Wonder Woman type - with the broad wide headband and crystal in the middle. Using a wide head band because she's got thick, wavy hair that doesn't want to stay in place. That's my role model - Wonder Woman.

She needs to be on a bead don't you think?

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