Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shocking Bookstore Discovery! Time to Switch it up!

I've been on creative burst since January - Heartz n Skullz, Modern Glass Links, Rainbow Spiral, Bling Links, Chained Links, Modern Folk Bird and now what?

I've crashed.

When I crash, one of the things I do is go to the bookstore and check out the new craft books. I love books and have a large selection of bead literature - it inspires me. I drove the extra distance to go to the extra large bookstore because they carry a large selection of jewelry and beading books along with my yarn addiction, crochet and needle felting.

As I approached the crafts section - excited to go through the 4-5 shelves of jewelry/beading books - I was shocked to discover only 2 shelves of jewelry/beading books. Three shelves had been added to the - gasp - knitting section!

It's official, folks - jewelry and beading as the popular, "in" craft is over.

It's not dead, it's just not the popular up and coming craft now.

The good news is jewelry and beading will be more innovative and personal from now on. My default inspiration to the beading/jewelry section will have to change - that's a good thing - time to switch it up! Look for inspiration in art and photography - no problem, that section is just a shelf over in the bookstore!


Dave Robertson said...

True! Knitting is hot. Beads still rock. Long live beaded knitting!

at Rings & Things

Hawley Studios said...

Good thoughts. I enjoyed this post. :)