Monday, March 30, 2009

A Bead in Search of an Art Movement

I told you last week, I am developing a new bead series but was wondering which art movement best described it. As a glass artist, my work is influenced by various art movements. If I had to describe a predominant style, it is Modern. I've even named one of my bead series Modern Folk Bird.

Often, I'm inspired by a pattern I've seen and want to recreate in glass. When I go to the torch, I first work on the technique to create . I've rarely recreated a pattern accurately and end up with something different. It may remind me of a specific style and that will send me off on a research project - determining exactly what art movement will describe the budding new bead series.

It becomes a bead in search of an art movement.

Modern and contemporary art is misunderstood but when you know the reasons and the ideas its trying to convey, it's so much more interesting and challenging. So I want to share some of the ideas and historical context behind Dadaism and Surrealism.

So read along with me and share your thoughts. I'm going to continue the free beads this week too. I need to clear out the studio to make room for the new bead series. Leave a comment and be entered in a drawing to win free beads.


sharon said...

cindy, this bird is sooo cool, to me it looks like american folk art, but that may be just because my mind wanders that way!! i graduated with a bfa in fine art many moons ago, but my schooling was heavily based on design(for commercial art purposes) and lot of bauhaus study, but the bird is very folky to me and that's what i love about it. it looks timeless!

Deb said...

I look forward to following along Cindy!

Now that Bird above is so very aptly named. Not only is it fabulous (love, love , love the colours & style) - but it does remind me greatly of some of the more traditional Eastern European folk art birds.

Lynn P said...

Absolutely love your new bird. The colors are stunning!

Joann Loos said...

I like the idea of working in series. There is so much to explore in a particular idea, it's sad that people make one pass and then move on.

I look forward to seeing the beads!

rosebud101 said...

Now, that is one great bird! How exciting to see this part of your mind emerge as your work with glass!

Terry Biz said...

Cindy - your bird is very sweet. It reminds me of bird in the Pennsylvania dutch artwork. It could be called primitive art as well as modern. Very nice.

Shaiha said...

I love the bird! Those colors are gorgeous! Of course one of my favorite color combos is turquoise and black

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks, All for the kind words about Modern Folk Bird. I was purposefully creating a style of bead based on a particular genre of art - modern. I agree it looks kind of like Pennsylvania Dutch or maybe even South American folk style.

It's difficult to understand Dada unless you understand how awful WWI was. Reading about Dada taught me about the history and now I understand how startling the collages were at that time. Such a strong statement through visual means - amazing!

Now, on to surrealism!

Thanks for commenting!

Jennifer Cameron said...

I haven't been keeping up with the blogs lately, but I am sorry I missed this before! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this modern bird! Gorgeous work.