Monday, March 02, 2009

Business Smarts Creatively

I'm usually doing a few things at the same time. I wouldn't call it multi-tasking as it more of one thing leads to another. When I clean, I clean the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms at the same time. So there are several rooms I'm working on at the same time. While I work on a necklace in progress, I'm also evaluating the business end of things. As a Mom and a sign language interpreter, I spend so much of my time for others, I can lose my own voice. It can be hard to find it sometimes.

I talked about vision boards in January. I like the idea of a visual, creative approach to business. In the bookstore a while back I picked up a copy of The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam. I've set up my creative business plan notebook with the set of questions. It's a plan you work on continuously but the approach is visual and well suited to the artist in me. I've struggled with alot of "outliney" style business plans only to leave them half finished. The Creative Entrepreneur shines a ray of hope in the direction of creative business plans.


Deb said...

Cindy - I discovered Lisa Book (& a wonderful online telecast seminar by her) back in January. Of course I couldn't resist blogging about it & in turn enabled a couple of friends. It was the first book I have ever ordered through Amazon & boy is it fabulous!!

I adore the whole concept & like you, it is far more 'me' than one of those 'outliney' business plans!!

I hope many people read this in turn become 'enabled'

Lori Anderson Designs said...

oh awesome! I just put that on my wish list!