Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dichroic Copper Foil How to

Lots of hubub in the glass beadmaking world on the new dichroic copper foil. Here's a hot to video on Dichroic Copper Foil from Coatings By Sandberg Inc. Looks easy enough but for some it's been disappointing. Apparently it can "shatter" off the copper foil as it did in these pictures taken by DeAnne of the Glass Zone

It still looks usable to me as frit but you know how I feel about frit. It's still worth a try - customers often ask for dichroic glass beads but I've always found it too fussy. The copper foiled dichroic isn't supposed to be but it definitely looks brittle.

Have you tried the dichroic copper foil? What's your opinion?


Joyce said...

Interesting stuff. I fuse and am wondering if it can be fused between clear glass without burning out. You do nice work.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Joyce,

Thank you!

I think yes, it's used with boro glass and that's worked at hotter temperatures than soda lime glass - around the same temperatures as fusing so if you're jonesing to get some - go for it!