Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Talk Back to Readers, Art Nouveau and Art Moderne

So I'm going to do a little "talk back" to my readers this morning instead of going into the comments and responding there. I've got my cup of coffee and I feel like we're around the kitchen table having a chat!

Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday. Good luck with the first day of school, Erin! That's a crazy day! This year, the first day of school will be bittersweet for me, The Teen is a senior and it will be my last "first day." I'll have to take alot of pictures!

Thanks to Sharon and Lorelei for liking the Through the Looking Glass Nuggets so well they ordered some! I'm always thrilled when someone likes my work and buys it. It's greatly appreciated!

Tish and Katie - it's that time of year when you feel like you've got to re-organize or do something! Sometimes it's because of the day job and sometimes it just because things have just gotten out of hand! A schedule is very helpful and makes us feel like we're in control (even though we may not be! LOL!)

Thanks for the well wishes, Emanda and Summerstudio! :-) I hate the migraines, they're so incapacitating. I'm convinced half the time it's something worse (knock on wood) but it's all that female thing or as The Teen calls it "Puberty 2.0." LOL!

Arlene - thanks for the comment about the long necklaces. If you figure it out, let me know! :-)

Since posting will be every other day, I'll communicate on the off times through my newsletter. Please sign up for my newsletter if you haven't done so already. I'll be putting up more beads on the website too. Speaking of the website, I've put up a new piece this morning.

The style is more Art Deco than Art Nouveau but I loved the look of the single flower spilling over the edges of the medallion. I tried to identify the flower but it's stylized so I've entitled it, "Art Moderne."

The Art Moderne Flower is made of bronze metal clay (because I'm now addicted to it). You can see just the slightest rainbow patina in the center that was made when I fired it in the kiln. I like the look of it - it looks like a stylized poinsettia to me - just the piece to work into a gift for the holidays.

Which flower do you think the Art Moderne Flower looks like?


Lorelei said...

kinda looks like a clematis to me!

TesoriTrovati said...

I think it looks like a poinsettia! Would be just the thing for Christmas projects! And I wonder what would happen if you added some of the Adirondack alcohol inks to the might make for a cool wash of color!

Thanks for the well wishes on the school thing! I came up from my dungeon...I mean, studio at 12:30 am this morning...and realized my goal to make muffins failed miserably. So there I sat in my kitchen whipping up muffins for the first day of school at 1:00am! Whew! Call me pooped!

Enjoy the last first day...and I hope you are more successful with the pictures than I was! (No smiles from the too cool for mom 6th grader!)

Erin :-)

rosebud101 said...

The pointsettia

Arlene Harrison said...

I agree - it brings to my mind a poinsetta. I had to back-track to see what you were talking about with the inks. Would love to see an "after" picture!