Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Travels....another necklace from The Sisterhood

Here's another necklace I've made from the Sisterhood. It's made from a Jangles pendant, my double dips, a pink lampwork bead that I made and Vintaj brass. I'm calling this one, "Travels."

If you haven't entered to win the Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads, take a look at yesterday's post and enter to win!

Good luck, Sistas!


Katie said...

Love that necklace! I think that was one of my additions...i love the pendant, but it just never spoke to me about what it wanted to be :) I'm glad it found a good home!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

I'm glad you passed it on, Katie! I kept trying to resist it but I finally gave in! I love the spirograph feeling of it and the colors!

quiltingjewel39 said...

I love it and how appropriate is the name!!