Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Wire: Wire Wrapped Earrings

I've done the wire wrapping this week folks. In the mood for some Lynne Merchant style wire wrapping, I used round and barrel black onynx beads from Auntie's Beads to whip up these earrings.(*)

I learned that my favorite stepped pliers don't make nice wrapped loops like my regular round nose pliers do.

Why, you ask?

The stepped pliers have one round and one flat side. I need to grasp the wire with two round sides to make a nice wrapped loop.

Do you have a wire tip to share with me today?


Michelle said...

I really like the simpleness of the top pair of earrings.
Tip...when I teach newbies, I alway correct their posture (should be relaxed, not slouchy and don't lean your arms on the table) and how they hold their hands and arms so they don't hurt their joints (arms should be relaxed against the core of your body not held out at angles). Wire work should be fun--not painful! Most people are looking at tools and fun stuff...but this is the most basic and beginning step to enjoying wire work. Oh...and if you don't have it, ToolMagic is great if you grip your wire to more scratches!
Bead Happy!

Patty said...

Pretty earrings Cindy! I don't have any wire tips though. :-)