Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year! New auctions!...January 1, 2006

Spent all day yesterday photographing and cropping photos of the beads I've been making over the past few weeks. I don't alter my photos to change the look of a bead in any way - the colors, the surface of the bead are just as I see them. Of course, your monitor may show the colors slightly different than mine but the picture is basically untouched.
New auctions up on I won't be listing on ebay anymore, is a great venue for me and the customers are great! The set I've posted today are up on for the next week.
A word or two about the set - I've become completely addicted to this particular glass frit (I think I have talked about glass frit before this, it is ground glass that you roll onto your hot glass). It's like having two frits in one! I always love that - if I put clear over the frit, it stays white, if I don't put clear over the frit, it turns blue. Blue and white - what can be better than that!?! It's fun and pretty! Life is good! Hope yours is too!

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