Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thursday, January 5, 2006.....

Sent out a newsletter yesterday morning and got some good feedback on it. For anyone who couldn't use the links I included in the newsletter, apologies! I didn't realize the link was so long! A customer was nice enough to send an email to notify me and suggested I use to shorten the links! Good idea!

I like to put eye candy up with every post, afterall, that's why you come here, isn't it? This is a close up of some beads that will go on auction at tomorrow (Friday, January 6). I love the colors in the beads - Moroccan blue and Ivory. Oh I almost forgot to tell you - I got some new glass today! I'm always in search of a good transparent garnet color in rod form and it's hard to come by! Through the glass boards online, I found some to purchase and it arrived today. I'll be working with it tomorrow morning and post pictures this weekend. Nothing like new glass to inspire you!

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