Thursday, April 05, 2007

A month full of Challenge!!

April is my Challenge month! First, is the Beadwork Challenge. The Spirals debuted via the Challenge and have been very well received. They're available at Cindy Gimbrone Beads. Next is the Art Bead Scene Challenge. I've taken the ABS monthly challenge as inspiration. I've created birds taking flight - a sculptural bead that I've never made before. These turned out well - there are blue birds, white doves (love birds) and cherry head parrots for some vivid color! If you'd like to purchase any of these birds - drop me an email. Prices range from $8.00 - $50.00.


virginia said...

Your bird beads are wonderful Cindy! ~Virginia

Tari of claybuttons said...

Your birds turned out great! You need to create a necklace with the parrot for all the Jimmy Buffet Parrotheads! Go figure, there is a strange following in Cincinnati. I am not one of them!

LampworkDiva said...

Thanks Virginia and Tari! I never thought of the Parrotheads! I was inspired by the documentary of the wild parrots in San Francisco. I think the Parrotheads are just having fun. Good suggestion!