Sunday, April 01, 2007

Upgrading and fingerless gloves....

A new oxygen generator arrived at my door on Friday. It's phase one of upgrading my studio equipment. Tomorrow, I'm getting on the phone to order a larger torch. I've been talking about upgrading for a year - exactly. Last Urban Glass Bead Expo, I was asking all of the other lampworkers what torch they used, how did they work , etc. etc. I've been doing that for a year now all the while saving up some money to buy. Tomorrow is the day!

I crocheted myself a cotton fingerless glove to wear while torching - it protects my hand from the infrared that comes from the torch - makes a big difference. I had to crochet it short in the fingers so that the mandrel doesn't get caught up in the glove while I'm turning the bead. Love it!

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