Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Beadfiesta! Monticello, NY

I've re-stocked from Urban Glass and am ready! I've got more spirals in lots of colors! Beadfiesta is this weekend in Monticello, New York - click on the title above for details!

I love the name - Beadfiesta! Sounds like fun! I feel like a Mariachi band should be playing in the background! I love the show hosts - Mac Arts they're friendly and treat the vendors well!

Hope to see you there!!


Mary Timme said...

Wow! I don't visit for a few days and I have lots of catching up to do! You have been busy and with such interesting things. Fun too. I like your irredesicent spirals a lot. They are neat, cool

LampworkDiva said...

Hi Mary! Glad you find the posts interesting! Smile! I love the iridescent spirals too - there are so many colors in them! Thanks for posting!