Monday, April 30, 2007

Design Flexibility = hair bling!

A good design is flexible - take the spirals for instance. I posted a few in my etsy shop and got an inquiry about altering them just slightly. The customer wears her hair in dreadlocks and she liked the spirals but wanted them open at the top and bottom in order to twist around her dreads. What a great suggestion! To wear them as jewelry, it's best to have the ends closed so the spirals will stay on a stringing material - but as hair bling - the ends need to be open!

Another great customer suggestion - and it's about wearing the beads in your hair! Hmm, do I sense a trend?


Mary Timme said...

What a great bit of feed back! Way to go for being flexible!

LampworkDiva said...

Thanks, Mary! Take a look at May 22nd's post - I've got a picture of the hair spiral