Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lucky - Let's Get Knotted!

Ornament Thursday's February Theme is "Lucky." What a perfect time to post the Lucky Knots and Lampwork tutorial! I've taught Lucky Knots and Lampwork at Beadfest . You can create a bracelet or knot a little longer and create a necklace!

In anticipation of putting up the tutorial on Wednesday, I'm posting the materials portion of the tutorial Tuesday night. If you've seen the Lucky Knots and Lampwork before, in one of my classes or on the web, tomorrow I'll post a new version of Lucky Knots using my spirals.

As a teaser, tonight's post will list the supplies you'll need to make a Lucky Knot and Lampwork Bracelet. Knotting steps will follow in the next two posts.

Lucky Knots and Lampwork Bracelet Tutorial
By Cindy Gimbrone, 2006 (reprinted with permission from the author)

Materials and Tools Needed:

12 feet of 2mm satin cording
1 lampwork large-holed donut or disk bead with a (1/4 inch or 7mm) bead hole
1 6-7mm sterling silver or metal round bead with a 3 – 3.5mm bead hole

Scotch tape (to wind around the ends of the satin cording)
Tapestry Needle or Child’s needle

Macramé Board
Fabric glue
Fray check

Lucky Knot Tips

Take some time to practice making the knots before you begin making your bracelet.

It can be helpful to pin down the cord on a macramé board the first few times you make the knot. Once you are confident making the knots, hold the knotting in your hand.

Chinese knotting is different than macramé – both knots are pulled evenly and not as tightly as macramé. This is especially important with the first knot – do not pull one side tightly. Doing so will create an entirely different looking knot. Pull both sides firmly and evenly throughout the piece. Keep in mind, the tighter you pull, the more the knotting will twist.

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