Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Musings on beads, being a Mom and 16.....

Normally, I talk about beadmaking on this blog. But I have another life as a Mom. Some of my best beads have been inspired by being a Mom - like the Heartz n Skullz series. Inspiration to make beads is awesome but this morning I'm having an attack that goes like this - OMG! What happened?!?

I know it's cliche and all that but really, the time has gone so fast! I think because I enjoy him. He's got a good heart and is growing into a really cool person. Not to mention his great sense of humor. He's not so good at school and doesn't like it much which worries me alot! He loves photography,

manga and writes and creates techno music (when he should be studying). We're having a huge 16th birthday party for him and an in-house wizard rock band. Oh yeah, he's mad at me right now because I took the internet away for the 3 detentions he got yesterday. Wonder what kind of bead THAT will inspire?!?

(All photos by my son! :-)and a link to his techno music on SnoCap which has samples from his favorite teen movies - so parents with little ones the language on a couple tracks are too strong for them. )

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