Friday, February 22, 2008

Names and Next Thursday....

Thanks to those who commented yesterday on what to name the ring. A wide variety from sea urchin to lizard eye to seed pods! My favorite is from CapitolaGirl who said it reminded her of melty ice cream on a hot afternoon - so she suggested "Afternoon Delight." Loved her description and loved the name! Thank you! So, the ring is now called Afternoon Delight!

In coming attractions, Ornament Thursday is a collection of awesome bead designer projects that are posted once a month for the entire year. This month's theme is Lucky. I'm the teaser on the site so pop on over there and take a look. Next week at this time, fabulous projects will nr posted on all of our blogs!

1 comment:

capitolagirl said...

Very cool! I'm glad you liked my suggestion Cindy, its a great ring :-)