Saturday, January 10, 2009

Living Up to the New Year's Decisions

I talked about Vision Boards yesterday and it's always a good idea to clarify what you have mulling around in your head. Alot of my business woes lie in not getting myself out there or in other words




Yeah, I great at marketing someone else - I can tell you how fabulous someone else is, but like many women, when it comes to me, I shut up.

It's time to speak up.

Easier said than done.

Take it one step at a time.

My one step goes along with my decision to submit more articles to magazines. I made that decision around August - something you'd have to do if you want to get in the issues for the next hear. So yesterday, I worked with The Teen to take some how to pictures for a project that's been accepted (I'm not saying where yet, I gotta submit it first and make sure it's going to press before I say where). I sent this one:

Oops, it a reject. So back to the photo set-up and took another set of pictures. Sent those off but since it's the weekend, I won't know if it's thumbs up or down until Monday.

One step at a time.

Have you taken a step towards your New Year's decisions?


angelinabeadalina said...

I don't know the key to making it easy to promote ourselves, but I do know it shouldn't make us feel uneasy! So, go, girl! Keep on writing those terrific articles and getting your name out there! You're good at what you do, and there are many people who are going to read those magazines and appreciate your knowledge!

rosebud101 said...

Promotion is a good thing. I honestly think I am better at promoting other people than I am at promoting myself. I've tried to promote myself a little bit more with my blog. I think I did it accidentally yesterday, since I forgot one of the photos for the blog, and, if someone wanted to see the bead, they had to go to my etsy store. It really was accidental promotion.