Saturday, January 24, 2009

When to pursue a technique....

Yesterday I showed you the bead designs I'd like to renew and expand upon. Today, I'll show you those beads I rejected and in fact, won't even sell - not because they're poorly executed but they're too much like someone else's signature design.

I created these while playing at the torch - I wasn't trying to mimic anyone else's design. But after I made them, I did what I always do, I surfed around to see if anyone was making anything similiar. I can't possibly see every beadmaker's beads but I do my best to take a good thorough look around. If I find something similiar, I won't pursue that particular style - although I may use the technique itself. Like I did here with the a variation on the Goth Kid:

The ears have an Anime style/Goth look achieved by using the technique above. I'll continue to pursue using the "floppy raised dots" technique in different designs but not on a round bead with multiple floppy raised dots - too much like another beadmaker's design. I want to speak my own voice through my designs.

What techniques have you decided to pursue in your work lately?

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rosebud101 said...

I think I'm back to round beads. I can't seem to make a decent bead lately.