Friday, January 23, 2009

Reviewing Bead Designs

Twice a year I take a second look at beads I've designed and just haven't promoted. Here are a couple I designed awhile ago - you can see the 2006 copyright on them - I made them during the winter of 2006 and took them to bead show in NYC that year.

I'm liking them, I think like the Glyph beads, they should be revived. Grouped with the Glyph beads, I can see a whole series like the Heartz n Skullz.

Opinions? Do you like these beads? What would you call them?


Age said...

As always, I'm in love with your beads. They make me wish that I had partially finished pieces that were dying for a focal bead. Alas, I do very little beading.

What to call them? Other than awesome, I'm at a loss.

angelinabeadalina said...

Stringer! My other love besides sculpting the glass! You do it so well, Cindy! That ancient star map really shows your control, very nice. I think a series of these would be wonderful. I bought a book about amulets and talismans not too long ago, and it seems that people have always treasured symbols and worn them close to their bodies.

Alison Du Bois said...

Very cool beads!

Deb said...

Oh yes Cindy - revive these babies!!! I love them!!
Call them? You men besides 'wonderful'...hmmm.
Ancient Messages...Ancient Symbolz?