Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back from Vacation!

Back from vacation and the Innovative Beads Expo! It's been a long two weeks! I enjoyed the vacation and we had lovely weather. I'm putting up some pictures from vacation at Lake George, NY. The weather was warm and sunny most of the week. We made a trip to Saratoga Springs because I was so curious about the natural spring water. There are several springs you can drink water from in the village and state parks. Some taste great some not so good. We couldn't taste the "Island Spouter" but the rock you see underneath it is travertine that is the minerals in the water. The mineral deposits at a rate of 2 inches per year!

Auctions are coming back on Sunday, August 28th. I've got lots of new sets and beads to offer. I'll be back at the torch this week - Yipppeeee!!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Beads, buttons and yarn.....

I took some pictures of the ribbon poncho that I crocheted a week or so ago. I made special beads to go with the poncho. The yellow and baby blue interact to create a line around the dots I placed on the yellow base beads. The beads are made on a little larger than normal mandrel so the bead hole is a bit larger. I took a very small crochet hook and pulled the ribbon yarn through and tied a knot on both sides of the bead. It gives the tie a bit of heft but not too much. The beads make a built in necklace! I just love this!

I'm off to vacation and then to the Innovative Bead Expo in Albany, NY. I've been quiet because I've been working in the studio. So I'll treat you to some eye candy that I'll have with me. I'm bringing my hand-felted ropes and examples of how to use them. New painted beads inspired by the Faux Porcelain line - blue and white with lots of clear to give the pattern depth! Hope to see you in Albany!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Emerging from the cave....erhhh studio

Wow! It's August 8th already! I've been holed up in my studio working working working every free moment! I haven't been on the computer much! Have a set of buttons with backs that will stay on! I went through 3 different glues before I found one that wouldn't pull off the smooth surface of the glass and dries clear! But I did spill it all over my fingers and got them stuck together! They should put a warning on those glues - Warning! Not as thick as Elmer's!