Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Diva has arrived!

You're looking at a close up of an off mandrel glass pendant done in black and white glass. She's a mythical figure that serves as a talisman. Off mandrel means there is no "beadhole" per se but there are glass bails incorporated into the small sculpture to allow you to make it into jewelry if you'd like.

As I've mentioned on my other website, I have a new name and identity for my line of auction beads. I've gotten a webhost but unfortunately, it is taking me much longer to put up the actual website! I wanted more creative control over the website, but too much means you have to be a professional website developer! There's lots of work to be done on the site and I don't want to delay in getting the word out! The blog will let you know how everything is progressing in the meantime.

I'll be out most of today but have spent the last week with a kiln full of fused glass. I'm working on a line of buttons for yarn shops and sewing. I do alot of crochet and the yarns are just gorgeous! Glass buttons will work very nicely with them. The fused buttons will be a variety of colors but this past week's batch were a transparent cobalt blue with the iridescent dichroic glass floating above it. Gorgeous. I'll get some photos up a bit later.

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Stoffobeads said...

Really like all your close up photos of beads, glass, milli, etc..

Cool blog.