Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Websites are a PAIN! But I lOvE bLoGs!!

My website is a pain! It won't save any of the changes I've made in the last few weeks! ARRGGHHH! I don't like to leave the website that long without an update! If you've been there and it looks the same old, you know why! I'll work on it later today and hopefully finally have a solution! I must be one of the few people in the world creating a website on a Mac! :-)

Made more of the hand-felted ropes. I made them thinner and longer than the ones I made last spring. They're about 4 feet long and I can combine the subtlest of colors in them too. I have an idea of custom art beads to work with the felt, a donut style that isn't perfected yet, but getting there!

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