Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ornament Thursday: Twisted Blues

The final ornament for 2007 is quick and easy just like I love 'em,and is called "Twisted Blues" for the spiral and twisted glass headpin and the music. I love the blues although I never liked the smokey bars where you could listen to it. I guess with the no smoking laws the bars aren't smokey anymore. You won't have to make this ornament in a smokey bar, just turn on some BB King and enjoy!

You'll need one (1) extra long spiral in transparent aqua; 2 small rainbow spacer beads in purple; 3 daisy spacers and 1 twisted blue glass and copper headpin.

String together on the twisted blue headpin in this order: 1 daisy spacer, 1 purple spacer bead, 1 daisy spacer, 1 extra long spiral, 1 daisy spacer and last one purple spacer (optional).

Make a small loop at the end of the remaining wire and then make a large loop for the ornament hanger.

Quick, easy and almost instantaneous gratification! Turn up the blues and enjoy the Holiday!

The ornament project above were posted in celebration of Ornament Thursday, a fun blogging event happening this holiday season on the blogs of a growing group of popular designers. Jewelry makers, mixed media artists, plush artists, ceramic artists, paper artists, and more have been making ornaments and using their blogs to show how they do it! Check out some of these great blogs today to see more:

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Christmas tree finger labyrinth - Hali Chambers
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Simply striking sparkling spheres - Margot Potter
Beaded memory wire - Elaine Luther
Wire & beaded tree - Lynn Kvigne
Beaded sun catcher - Debba Haupert
Lovely Ornament- Lisa Liddy
Jolly and yummy ceramic candy - Melanie Brooks Lukacs
Polymer snowflake embedded in resin - Melissa Lee
Beaded candy canes - Candie Cooper
Polymer clay gift tag/ornament - Heather Powers
Twisted blues - Lampwork Diva aka Cindy Gimbrone
Holiday spiral tree & party pixie - Art Bead Scene
Wire bird's nest - Rebecca Peck
Plush gingerbread doggie - Jenny Harada
Swell ornament - Alexa Westerfield
Holiday paper crafting - Brandy Lung Gill
Shaving cream & chipboard ornament - Michelle McGee
Easy needle-felted orb - Katie Hacker


Margot Potter said...

What a cool design! Very twirly and whirly and fun!

Thank you so much for joining us!


Melissa J. Lee said...

It reminds me of a super-funky icicle! What a beautiful use of your spiral (I also love the Christmas tree ornament on Art Bead Scene!). Happy holidays!

Linda Augsburg said...

Nice ornament. The colors are beautiful!

Katie Hacker said...

These twisties make the coolest ornaments!

Kriss said...

This is beautiful..and blue is my favorite color! Merry Christmas!

melanie brooks said...

Ooh, this is so cool and icy looking! Love that headpin too! Your spirals are so beautiful.

Alexa said...

just georgeous!

Lisa said...

You glassy girls have so much talent!

Hali Chambers said...

It reminds me of a watery whirlpool--and I LOVE the name & the blues! :-) H.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks, Hali, glad you like it AND the blues! :-)