Monday, February 02, 2009

Kreativ Blog

Kandice Seeber of Coloraddiction gave me the Kreativ Blog award. Thanks, Kandice! I'm admitting a bit red faced that when I've received awards before, I was always in the midst of chaos so I never posted them or followed up. This one is nice and simple - just nominate 5 other blogs that inspire me, let them know they've been nominated and link back to the blog who gave you the award.

Inspiring Blogs I love are:

Lynn Davis-I don't know how she does it, but Lynn comes up with new ideas and new beads regularly. She is full of inspiration and spreads it around liberally through her blog!

Angela aka Angelina Beadalina - Musings on life and glass is an interesting read. Gets you thinking about things - a good way to inspire readers!

Jennifer Cameron - beautiful lampwork beads are just about as inspiring as it gets for me!

Lauren Bracken writes about life and jewelry. Her work is luscious - just looking at it inspires me!

The Wire Artists Guild - seeing how I started out as a wire artist, I gravitate back to my roots. A group blog so there's lots of artists represented and that equals lots of inspiration!

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Jennifer Cameron said...

Thanks Cindy! I am honored.