Monday, May 11, 2009

Inspiration - Walk Around the Albright Knox

Did you guess yesterday's photo? I know, it was hard to figure out what it could be - there's so many possibilities! But that's a good thing - a source of inspiration should be potentially so many things. Here's another shot of the same thing but from a slightly different angle.

What is inspiring about the above picture? Is it the texture? Is it the color? It is the groupings of color? Maybe even the reflection is interesting to you.

Ok, so here's the same sculpture but from standing further away.

The bars of contrasting color make me feel as if there's movement or excitement. My eyes want to follow the colors outward and maybe even jump around the piece.

The sculpture on it's own is very modern and contemporary. As part of the outdoor sculpture at the Albright Knox, this piece sits in a larger context of the grounds. The Albright Knox is housed in a very classical style building - so take a look at the context for this very modern piece of sculpture.

Interesting, huh? I'm running out of adjectives for the contrast between the old and new. But instead of the old and new contrast I'm thinking more about the color contrasts - how the blue, yellow and orange of the sculpture make movement and vibrancy and how I may or may not be creating that in my work.

What about you? Do you use color contrasts intentionally to create movement? Or are you creating more subtle work?

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