Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photography, Through the Looking Glass and Re-assessing.

Thanks for commenting on the photography yesterday! Seems lots of us struggle with the long necklace or photographing the pieces to their best advantage. Erin's work always looks spectacularly lovely so I'm going to try the focus on the one piece and pooling the rest of it. I've also thought of having one of my teenager's friends model and take a photo in that "cute off head show only the torso artsy way." Stay tuned, the photo issue has yet to be solved!

I've put a few more items up on my website. I ran across smaller (14mm) glass nuggets in the craft store. They were so tiny, I wondered if I could router them to make some charms. You may not think 14mm is tiny but you need room to make a groove plus hold them in your hand while you cut the groove - 14mm doesn't leave much room. Would I be able to make charms?


I've entitled these "Through the Looking Glass Nuggets" and they're available on my website. I've included the crystal glass nuggets too on Lynn's suggestion.

The past couple of weeks, I've had a series of migraine headaches that have virtually incapacitated me for days at a time. The blogging has been spotty because of it.

I've promised myself never to apologize for not blogging but I think this odd situation warranted a reason.

Migraines. Blech.

Fall is coming and I've got to re-assess. How much time am I really going to have to do everything I want to?

I'll be sign interpreting more hours a week until December and I need to work on my online sales more.

So, I've come up with a schedule. I'm going to blog four days a week: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm going to start my blogging schedule next week, August 30th. If you read regularly, then you'll know which days to come on over!

The good news is, my website will have more on it and I'll be sending out my newsletters regularly. YAY!

Are you re-assessing? What are you planning for?


Lorelei Eurto said...

HI Cindy!
Fell in love with those cool amber charms, and ordered some along with some of your glass rings. looking forward to getting my hands on them- I'm excited for my first ever Cindy Gimbrone goodies!!

Katie said...

My re-assessing has to do with actually MAKING some of the projects that are in my head and not started yet...I need to focus on getting some of that done and stop dropping things to work on other projects...I have felt so scatter-brained the past few months...

Oh, and I am going to make some time to play with polymer clay, now that I've discovered how much fun it really can be :o) Once I get a kiln, I can start playing with metal clay....

SummersStudio said...

Poor petal. Migraines are the worst. Hope you are well and truly past them. And I love that amber colour on those nuggets and the way you wrap them.

EmandaJ said...

Hello Cindy,

So sorry to hear you a plagued by migraines. I used to have them regularly (think "monthly") I also have bad sinus headaches which are nearly as bad. Take good care of yourself!

The new blogging schedule sounds like a winner! We'll miss you on the daily, but I'm sure you will have more to say when you don't blog everyday.

Love the little glass charms. The seem somehow Victorian.


sharon said...

I adore these little beauties Cindy, they are beautiful....
Great suggestion by Erin, and no I haven't re-assessed yet but really should!

Anonymous said...

I think this time of year we all have to re-think. At least I know I do. Christmas creeps up a lot faster the older I get and I'm no where close to ready.

I've run into the same problem with photographing long items. I make decorative shells for the retractable reel that most of us who wear id badges have, then hang them, with matching beads, on silk cord. Getting a good picture of the entire thing is difficult! I'm glad Etsy allows up to five pictures! Hmmm...wonder if my daughter will model mine for me?

TesoriTrovati said...

Totally have to reassess. School starts tomorrow. That would make one think that there is more time in my life, but it is actually less. And migraines. Blech. I hear ya! I have been absent since the 14th when I went to a trade show in Vegas and then came back with the mother of all head colds. Today I am finally able to function! I have a button "Blogging Without Obligation" on mine and I stand by it. I originally thought that once per week would be all I could handle. Sometimes it is more. This week it is less. But while I have been gone at least 4 more people have become followers. How is that possible?! (Perhaps I should post less?!? LOL)I love that you added those little pebbles...I will looking in your shop! I don't have a router and I am all about having experts to buy from...and you dear are an expert! Enjoy the day! Erin

Just A Tish said...

I have found that I need to re-assess myself. My work load is picking up and finding time to do everything I need to do in my 'day job' along with marketing and building my jewelry business I have less and less time in the day. I think getting organized is going to be a big help. There is something about being organized. everything in its place helps me feel more at ease and not feeling so pulled in 17 different directions.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything!

I am also re-assessing, I'm trying to get my whole business Christmas-ready while bringing in new customers. I need an over-haul!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

So sorry about the migranes, I (knock on wooden head here) don't get them but family members do and I know they suffer something fierce!

Those are cool little charms Cindy, lovin' 'em. Great idea!

To protect your manicure (since mine was shot long ago by the grinder) have you tried using the rubber fingertips on the digits that are getting closest to the bit? I would, if I ever remembered, LOL!