Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Beading on a Budget or The Best Buy in Town - Artist Made Beads

I'm on a tight bead diet. Like many of you out there, I'm watching every cent I spend these days for alot or reasons. But handmade artist made beads can be had for very little cash. Thought I'd show you a few of my own recent Art Bead Acquisitions along with my favorite bronze gear beads. I know we're all searching for bargains these days but handcrafted Art Beads can be had for less than $15.

Nancy's Round Rabbit Extra Shop on Etsy is home to lovely ceramic jewelry components - under $10!

Pick up an entire set of beads for $15 including a handcrafted Art Bead at Melanie's Earthenwood Etsy Shop

Erin of Every Heart Crafts has lovely Leaf Toggles that would go well in many different designs for $10.

Then there's my bronze gear beads which can be had for only $7.00.

So when you're bead shopping, don't forget to take a look at artist made beads, they're unique and reasonably priced!


Azure Accessories said...

Great beads Cindy...love the bronze "gear bead"!!

I love artist made beads and buy what I like when it fits within my budget...it would make me happy to use all artist made!

Thanks for sharing...

Almost Precious said...

Love your whimsical Gear Bead. It's amazing that all those handcrafted beads are priced so reasonably. $15 and under is an incredible bargain for something handcrafted and so intricate!

TesoriTrovati said...

Agreed! Once I got over my first purchase hurdle the rest came easy (and pretty free flowing too!). I have something from each of these... and your bronze gear too! So cute! And a work of art in miniature that is very portable and wearable!
Enjoy the day!

Juliette Crane said...

hello cindy! i love all of these handmade beads. great suggestions. i always try and buy artist made and these would be fabulous additions to my wearable art pieces.

thanks for visiting and following my blog. i'm happy to be keeping up with your blog now too:) best wishes!
xoxo, juliette

Alice said...

Great beads! Thanks for sharing!

I love artist beads. But my community does not value the craftmanship that goes into them, or that they are getting one-of-a-kind-especially after I mark the price to ensure a profit for myself. They would rather go to Target or Walmart. Gotta find a better market.

But I keep buying them anyway.