Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Photo: REALLY?!? Cindy REALLY?

REALLY?!!?? Cindy! REALLY??!!!??? You've got a house stuffed with books in every nook and cranny possible, do you REALLY need another one?

All I've got to say to that is:

Kate McKinnon.

I'm buyin' it.

'nuff said.


Unknown said...

I always need more books, no matter how much my husband disagrees!

Eve said...

Way to go Cindy! I like that!!

Unknown said...

I have the same problem. I won't part with any of my books and there are a whole lot of them. Furthmore, Kate McKinnon is impossible to pass up. Great choice! :)

Amy F said...

Oh no! I just knocked my Amazon wish list down to size...but this one looks great!

Heather Powers said...

Oh now really, can we have too many books. I mean really? It's a good one and worth picking up - so yeah!