Monday, October 25, 2010

Mad for Monday.....Lotus Flowers

The lotus flower is rich with symbolism. According to the ancient Egyptians, "the seed of the Lotus flower contains perfectly formed leaves as miniatures of what they will become when the Lotus blooms. Reincarnationist religions believe that, like the Lotus flower, every person is already perfect and the model of perfection is already formed inside each being, awaiting the opportunity to emerge when one reaches the condition of being aware of his perfection."

I like the idea that we have perfection inside of us, we just need to let the natural state shine through. Handcrafted lotus flowers remind one to let who you are shine through. Here are a few of my favorites:

Block Party's Black and White Lotus Flower Necklace

Lotus - Zen inspired charms from Hint

LaLaDesigns Studio's Wireworked Temple Lotus Necklace

Is there a symbol or theme that's on your mind today?
(Thank you for the use of the white lotus flower picture.)


baby cribs said...

The necklaces are so beautiful! I just love this. I want to have one.

Unknown said...

I, too, am really enjoying lotus symbols lately! These are magnificent pieces to feature!

Lotus said...

Wonderful post!
The necklace at the bottom is my favorite! But, I really like the charm too! I'm very partial to my flower... ; )
Thanks for posting the beautiful artwork!

Pretty Things said...

I love the lotus flower! I have a post for November 30th using a lotus flower from EB Bead and Metal Works. So now I'm hooked!