Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Photo is back - in macro!

Last year, I posted a picture every Sunday. I kinda miss it so I've joined up to post a macro picture every Sunday.

studio waterstone

When I saw this, I thought I'm the queen of macro!! In fact, most beadmakers, jewelry artists, miniature makers have to take macro pictures regularly. So if you're one of the above, join in!

Beginning next Sunday, look for a macro picture here every week. It'll be fun.

I know you're thinking, why not start today, Cindy?

Well,  I'm off to first annual Buffalo Yogafest instead of sitting at the computer.

See you here next Sunday!


Therese's Treasures said...

Looking forward to your post next Sunday. Have fun sweating and getting into odd positions! :-)

Hazel Ward said...

Tease! I was waiting for a photo ;)

For me, macro is a magic attracter of dust - my photo spot will be totally clean until I need to take a close picture of beads, and poof! There's a dust convention on my work surface :D