Monday, November 07, 2011

Monday Morning Eye Candy and Book

Another practice bracelet of Right Angle Weave made with Gossamer floss, crystal 6mm firepolished rondelles from Rings n Things and silverlined "E" beads. I like the single row of RAW because it makes up quickly and by changing the beads, you can make one to match your wardrobe!

I've got another book from Kalmach that I'm smitten with. It's Jewelry for the New Romantic. Here's an interview with the book's author Nealay Patel. 

Projects look yummy don't they?  I haven't done any stringing with Soft Flex wire in quite awhile. Patel puts a new spin on it and I can't wait to dive in.  Are there any techniques you haven't tried in awhile?

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Beading Betty said...

Hi! I'm new to beading and blogging--I came across D & I beads online the other day at and they mentioned a right angel weave the other day I was in there, I'm going to try it! Hopefully it's not hard!