Thursday, January 03, 2013

Art Jewelry Magazine and Nunn Designs Project

On November 30th, I was one of the lucky winners from Art Jewelry Magazine of a Nunn Design goodie bag. I received the package of lovelies about a week later.

The Goodies from Nunn Design

It took me about a month to decide on a design. I always have such a hard time committing to an idea because it's permanent. You know me and my committment issues. The problem with committment issues is you don't get things done. But I took an online class with the Crafty Chica and Deryn Mentock and I was ready to jump into a design and get things done. I spent this past Saturday afternoon working on the pieces. They're due at the Kalmbach offices on January 17th so I wanted to be sure I got them out the first of the year. I used epoxy clay on the designs. It was the first time I've use it and it was quite a challenge because there was no room for error. I only had one of each piece and if I messed it up, I didn't have another one to replace it. I had to do it right the first time or I wouldn't have anything to send to Kalmbach. I read up on how to use the epoxy, read the Nunn Designs blog so I would repeat anything that had been done before and planned out the designs. After a tense couple of hours, everything was made and waiting to set. I'm hoping Kalmbach, Nunn Designs and you will like them. I know I do! I can't post any pictures until after Art Jewelry Magazine sends out their January 24th newsletter.

(Photo Credit: Thank you to Nunn Design blog for the picture of the goodies.)

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