Tuesday, November 15, 2005

LampworkDiva Logo and Auctions....

I've had a good friend of mine create a logo for Lampwork Diva! I am debuting her here! The logo is based on beads I have created in the flame. This one is made of enamels painted onto glass and then formed into a bead in the flame. She is a tribute to Picasso and is entitled Picasso's Amour. She isn't for sale but definitely is a DIVA!

There are auctions up on ebay and justbeads. For those beadlovers not familiar with http://www.justbeads.com - you NEED to GO THERE! What's great about justbeads is that is it just that - BEADS! No wading through the volumes of different items that you can get on ebay - if you are looking for just beads then you gotta go to JUSTBEADS.COM!

Here are a few of the beads I've put up on justbeads.com - search for LampworkDiva and you'll find me!