Tuesday, November 22, 2005

November 22, 2005....Beadmaker as Photographer?

I intended to get to the studio yesterday but spent my torch time taking pictures! After I took the pictures, then I had to edit them into web-seeable shots - I don't alter the look of the beads or the colors or try to smooth out any of their handmade quality when I photo-edit. If I didn't lighten the shots then they'd just be too darn dark for anyone to see! It's kind of fun to do the close up shots but all of this takes time! I spent all of my torch time photographing, photoediting and then posting auctions! So, I'm thinking that a beadmaker or really any artist might also be considered a photographer! Yes, I could pay someone to do the photographing but have you tried to find someone who specializes in small works like beads?!? They're just not to be found! So, I've posted the fruits of my labor - check out my auctions on ebay and justbeads.com under Lampwork Diva.

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