Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hands and Mudras.....

August 22, 2006.....I'm back from vacation....we went to Toronto for a few days. Very busy visiting many different sites - was alot of fun!

Last Friday, we spent the afternoon at the Royal Ontario Museum or ROM as it's called. A wonderful new Asian exhibit had recently opened and was full of wonderful sculpture. I'm always fascinated with hands. Many of the hands were broken off - so we don't know exactly which handshape it was. But each handshape has significance and is called a "mudra." The first picture shows buddha as an infant/toddler - seems that there a few representations of the buddha as a baby. His hand is outstretched in a particular handshape. The sculpture's description didn't explain which mudra this was,though. I spent a few hours just going through this one exhibit - there was so much to see! I'm not going to show all but just a brief glimpse of the buddhas and the handshapes. Fascinating!

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