Sunday, October 22, 2006

Getting behind.....

October 22, 2006....I've got to clean up my office! I've always been one of those people who has order in disorder but sometimes the disorder takes over! We re-modeled in our bedrooms in August and September and that caused me to neglect my office. So now it's much more disorganized than even I can handle!

Because I haven't talked about it, I'll tell you a little about the remodel - We had texture paint in our master bedroom - yikes! I don't like texture paint! and it was covering all four walls. So you can imagine that my quest was to get rid of it! We knew it would be difficult and messy - we didn't want to sand it and we didn't know how to drywall. I hear drywalling is easy but you need to have some basic carpentry skills, we only have very rough skills - not enough to drywall and make it look better than the texture paint!

We used Ventian Plaster - a finishing plaster with coloring to makes it look like old Italian plaster - yup, it was a hard, messy, sweaty job but we did it and very happy with it! We just covered up that bumpy, ugly texture paint and have a nice soft pale yellow wall.

That job was the reason I neglected the office too long. Now I have a hard, messy but not sweaty job awaiting me in the office! I better get at it!

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