Friday, October 27, 2006

Writing funny in the blogiverse....

October 27, 2006....Wow! I've been reading some crochet blogs this morning and some bloggers can be very funny! Their work has a sense of humor and they're able to convey funny even in their profiles. I really admire that! Here's one whose URL is funny:

Monster Crochet

Take a look at her profile: Artist, wife, mother, crocheting fool, wanderer, creator, knower of adhesive tools.....knower of adhesive tools?!? How funny is that?!? Every mother is good with adhesives and I just had to laugh in recognition!

Not crochet related but glass bead related is another funny writer I came across while reading a thread on "do descriptions matter?" on one of the glass boards (of course they matter but then that's another blogpost not this one) back to the writer - Nikki the Sheep Goddess! In one of her auctions she writes this description for annealing:

"All beads are made by ME, Nikki Carollo, the Sheep Goddess in my studio. Most are Moretti glass, but if I find anything else laying around I'm not against using it either. Everything is kiln annealed so my colleagues don't stone me."

Ha ha ha.... so my colleagues don't stone me! I've got tears rolling down my cheeks! Hats off to you Nikki! Keep those descriptions coming!

Now, I know I'm funny in real life....people do laugh when I make a joke or at least I *think* they're laughing at the joke.... but it's much harder to *write* funny than to *be* funny. I admire those who can do pull it off. Bravo!

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