Sunday, January 07, 2007

Inventory or how many glass rods does one really need?

Do I really need this much glass?!?

The short answer is no.

But there is it, you see it and I counted it - I have accumulated 4640 rods of glass during my 8 years of lampworking. Why would someone buy that much glass?

New glass colors are like the box of 64 Crayolas you NEED to have! You need to have the box of 64 instead of your little box of 8 because the kid sitting next to you has the box of 64.

I blame this all on streaky pink Yes, that's what I said - streaky pink. I didn't get any of it when it was around and because everyone else wants it, I want it too!

I've slipped into mob mentality! Bring back the streaky pink!

Darn those Italians! They make a color you think you have to have and then leave you!

So in order to compensate for my lack, I have acquired multiple pounds of every color. As many "odd" lots as I can get my hands on.

4640 rods worth.

Yup, it's all streaky pink's fault.

Buy some beads and help me get rid of my excess glass. Purdy pleeeease!


Jodie said...

Of course you need that much glass! If fact--go order more right now. Go on--you know you want to!! LOL!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Ah, Jodie! You're egging me into the mob mentality but I can fight it! NO, I won't order any of the odd lots that Frantz is offering!
....well.... maybe a 1/2 lb? LOL! wink!

Miachelle said...

You need that glass. You need that glass. You need that glass!