Thursday, February 08, 2007


I just got the awesome-est (no that's not a word but I'm making it up here 'cuz it fits!) email from some KEWL people via etsy. Now, I've had the etsy shop for awhile - I really wanted to close it but I can't remember my username and password so etsy won't let me delete it! But today it brought me such a nice email, I'm happy I can't remember my username! What this person says is soooooooo nice I have to share it with the world!

>Sent by SFDglassbeads on February 08, 2007:

>HI:) Was browsing wetcanvas and read a comment you made in one of the posts, was so cute that I had to check out your web >site. Then from there was snaired like a rabbit with a carrott on a hook into your blog, hehe, and then to here- your etsy >listings.

Awwwwwww - a BIG THANK YOU SFDglassbeads!! I'm flattered you were interested enough to follow all those links! blush!

>My Partner Dan and I both think you are super cool:)

WOW! Double thank you! I don't think anyone (except my son when he was 4) ever said I was super cool! Gee whiz! Thanks!

>we just started doing lampwork a year ago- although the dream was born a few years back (took a bit of elbow grease and >time to get all the gear and get it going:). We primarily sell on ebay, but we have an etsy shop and web site also, and are >doing our first big art/craft show this summer (we are in NC). We are both just loving the path that glass has been leading >us on,

Welcome to the - yeah, that's right, art!! Giggle! I hope you are doing well on ebay and with your etsy shop! Post a comment and tell me the address of your shop! Good luck with the summer show! I love to do shows, you get to meet and talk to your customers. It's a thrill for me to meet people who share the excitement of glass art! :-)

> and when we meet, or spy from a distance- someone >cool we just have to say something about it. so there. LOL, Realy:) >Really like your style, smiles,

It's always nice when someone appreciates the art you make! Thank you! Ok, I'll stop gushing now!

I appreciate the emails and comments. Sometimes you feel like you're just talking to the wind and no one is listening! So thanks for reading and listening and being brave enough to comment!

ok ok ok.....I'm still gushing! What do I think I'm doing? Accepting an academy award??? This is where the producers cut me off and start to play the music and go to commercial!

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