Friday, July 06, 2007

Lampwork Glass Art Beads and Beadwork

I've been talking about combining seed beads and lampwork art beads lately. The fine gradations in color you can achieve with seed beads is a marvel. Often that is the focus of beadwork. Yet, lampwork art beads can be incorporated into lovely beaded artwork - Art beads are limited only by our imaginations - they can be used in a variety of creative ways. One of those is in Beaded Art such as pictures, sculpture or dolls Cabachons can be used as heads, bodies or as part of the structure of the art piece. Artisan made heart beads can be worked into the beadwork or eye beads used as talismans in the beadwork.

Here is a "painting" done by Rebekah Hodous entitled "Voices"

My prototype art bead yesterday was inspired by beadwork - the texture, the color and the ingenious ways that cabachons and glass beads are worked into the piece. True works of art.

Have you combined beadwork with art glass beads?

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